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Best online casino games you should try today

At present, there are a number of casinos. Each offers different games, different advantages and, by the way, multiple bonuses. But, there is only one strong truth: you must enter the casino that offers you the best conditions, according to your tastes, needs and your budget. In addition, you must choose the games that you like and that accommodate to those tastes and needs.

The bonds

With regard to the important issue of bonds, let’s say that all of these have specific requirements for you to try. So, for example, if you just want to have a fun time, you will not take the bonus. But, if you want to make real money, take it is a great option. It all depends on your preferences.

More options in online casinos than in physical ones


If in traditional physical casinos you already found a number of room games, in an online platform the possibilities multiply, since we could say that “the limit is the sky”. In online casinos, you can find thousands of slots, poker, blackjack, Baccarat and much more. You will also find “scratch and win” card games, board games, skill and concentration games, games of chance and, in general, everything you want and, most importantly, in all its different versions.

But best of all is that playing at online casinos gives you the possibility to play for free, which you can’t find in a traditional physical casino since none of these will give you chips so you can bet for free, or so you can try the slot machines like Little Devil Slots or Lucky Lady Charm Slots without betting before.

Read the terms and conditions


It is very important, of course, that you read the terms and conditions before playing real money and even before trying the bonuses we have referred to. Once you make sure it’s the right casino for you, just simply click on the game you want to play. Another very important strategy is that you read some of the articles that we have written for you and that contain some tricks so you can win in virtual casinos.

It all depends on your preferences

Now, if you prefer chance, nothing better than roulette is a game in which you can win without worrying about the possibility of losing real money. If your preferences are in skills and your ability to concentrate, Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat are great options. In case you are a teenager, the best option you can find in the bingos and games of “scratch and win”, without hurrying.

Steps You Should Follow to Win at Craps

The craps played both online and offline, constitute a game of chance in which luck plays a fundamental role. While it is true that this is a game that leaves little room for strategy, it is also true that there are several steps to follow to win. This is because, if many dice players in the world share one or several strategies that have made them rich, it is because there are some steps that offer a greater chance of winning, while there are other strategies that lead to others make the same mistakes, over and over again.


It is necessary to play in an intelligent, disciplined and above all, with a strategy in between.


It is a golden rule, which we should never leave aside. But what is such a strategy? In putting a limit, as regards how much you want to win and how much we are willing to lose. According to experts in the subject of dice, we must leave on the table an average of 20%. If we do not want to suffer a setback, it is better that we set ourselves modest goals. It is not lack of ambition but, rather, caution. Another point of the strategy is to practice, for a good time, before playing with real money.

You must know how to manage the money.


If we want to become very successful online players, it is best to establish an intelligent system of money management. Without taking into account (for the moment only) the strategy we adopt, it is advisable to use a well-known system, such as Paroli or Martingala, and even any other that is created by you or a specialist, but it is urgent to have it and not change the tactics on the fly, that is, in the middle of the game.

It is very important to choose the right bets.


 It is necessary to have a good knowledge about the bets that have been put on the table, which is much easier than it seems, apparently. There is a limited number of bets, where the house (the online or offline casino) has a very low margin in the dice game. It would be convenient for readers to take a look (hopefully carefully) for some odds table of the dice, to familiarize them with each bet and their respective odds. In other words, it is a good idea to stick with the “Pass Line” bets and the “Come bets” and place the bets on 6 or 8.

It is very important to be calm, to be able to overcome the pressure.


It is very important to be calm, to be able to overcome the pressure. It is, without a doubt, one of the most important and effective winning steps in the dice. We must not increase our betting unit until we are in front of everyone in the game and also with a high margin. Otherwise, we should try to double the budget.

How to Win on Casino Slot Machines?

Of course, there are methods to win with the slots

Yes, there are, but it is necessary to know how and where to find them. In addition, we need to know how to play them once found and what games are most likely to win. The first thing to do is to find a good online casino that has a certain type of machines because not all (not all developers of software) lend themselves to do what we are going to teach readers.


In other words, the above developers do their job in order to make the casino always win. However, in addition to the slot machines, it is the casinos, which in themselves, are notoriously different. In the mid-1990s, slot machines only counted a few reels and a single payline. At present, however, we can find 3 and 5 reel slots, with about 1,020 paylines.

Whatever the web slot we choose, they all work in almost the same way, although it is also true that the developers have programmed their software with some differences, which is not the case to mention at this time. Another factor to consider is that the vast majority of virtual casinos are given the chance to try before playing with real money.

One of the secrets is in the spinning of the slot reels


After we load a virtual slot, a reel game screen appears. Classic slots have 3 reels that are vertical, although most have 5 and each reel has between 20 and 25 symbols, usually. Thus, the objective (to win) is to spin the reels and, by the way, hit the winning combinations of symbols, when the reels themselves stop.

In this way, with so many symbols on the reels and, in addition, with so many paylines, there are millions of possible combinations to hit. Now, we will also see a button called “Rotate”, located at the bottom right of the screen. This button, by the way, puts the reels in motion.

Some online slots games have a button called “Skill Stop” so that the player himself can stop the rollers. Then, before you have turned a reel, you must click the icon called “Paytable” which is also called “Information”, depending on the online casino.

This leads us to another screen that has all the information we need about the game. Then, at this point, we will find the different payments to get the different winning combinations, plus a list of different symbols and certain details about any bonus round, if there is one.

The software developers of these machines


On the other hand, we have those certain developers (not all, of course) list what they call the “Theoretical Percentage of Return to the Player”. Based on this, it is possible to adopt a strategy that is fundamental:

Before playing a slot machine with real money, you must take into account the size of the bets and also the number of pay lines that we want to play, while keeping in mind that, in the case of games of variance low, we will find bets of only $ 0.001 per line. Subsequently, we must choose how many coins we want to bet on a particular line. Usually, we can bet anything, that is, from 1 to 10 coins per line.

Then, we must choose the respective paylines and, also, the combination of the symbols on the reels. We can bet on a payline but, if we prefer, we can bet the maximum available. To do this, simply click on the payment lines that can be found on one side of the screen.

Casino Terms: a must-have Guide for New Players

To play online casino uses its own terminology a.k.a, casino terms. Knowledge of these words you just need to learn, to not play with money and get into an unpleasant situation simply because of ignorance. We consider two basic types, these are general terms and game terms. Today we’ll talk about casino terms that fall under the game terms category.

What are the game terms:

  • Raise – raise the bet. The amount of the rate increase depends mainly on the rules of the game (applied in Red Dog, Poker).
  • Surrender – The player can abandon the game, losing at the same time half the bet (used in the War of the Casino, BlackJack).
  • Fold – the player folds the cards, and previously made bets are played (applied in Poker, Caribbean Poker).
  • Hand is a set of cards from a dealer or player (used in card games).
  • Deal (handing over) – delivery of cards; button that starts the game in these games (used in card games).
  • Game (the game itself) is a game in a casino. The following games are more popular in online casinos: Craps, BlackJack, Caribbean Poker, Videopoker, Roulette, Roulette, Red Dog (Red Dog, Red Dog), Sic Bo, Let it Ride Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Keno, Slots (One-armed Bandits, Slots) .
  • Bust – the player scored more points than needed – automatic loss (used in BlackJack).
  • Hit (buy) – get a new card (used in BlackJack).
  • Insurance – to insure against the appearance of a blackjack dealer when the open card is an Ace (used in BlackJack).
  • Roll (twist, roll) – start button in games with cubes (used when playing in Kostya, Sic Bo).
  • Split – split two identical cards (used in BlackJack).
  • JackPot – the large amount of money that a player receives when typing a certain combination, is offered by some of the slot machines and in Caribbean Poker. The amount starts at a certain minimum and is increased by deductions from player rates.
  • Double – double the bet (applied in Blackjack); risk a win, for the possibility of doubling it (used in Video Poker).
  • Ante – the name of the initial bet (applied in Caribbean Poker). If the game continues after the cards are dealt, the player must make an additional bet. If the player does not continue the game, the ante is canceled.
  • Single player) – the player plays without other players, one on one with the program.
  • Coin, Token – coins used to pay for playing in slot machines (used in Slots, VP)
  • Betting limits, Table limits – limit on the amount of bets: the allowed size of the minimum and maximum bets possible on each of the gaming tables. Usually the difference between the maximum and minimum bet is 20-300 times, the minimum bet is usually $ 1-5, the maximum bet is $ 500-2500, the standard value is 5s, 10s, 25s, 50s, $ 1.
  • Multiplayer – the game is like a real casino: several players have the opportunity to play at the same table, even talking at will. With multiplayer, for online casinos it’s usually harder to cheat.
  • Call (accept) – the player agrees to continue the game and makes an additional bet (or leaves the current bet in Red Dog). The value of the bet depends on the bet of other players (for example, in Poker) or on the value of an ante (for example, in Caribbean Poker).
  • Chip – a feature of the casino used for bets. The standard denomination of chips is $ 1, $ 5, $ 25, $ 100, $ 500 (it is worth noting that the Micro casino uses a different denomination).
  • Dealer, Croupier (dealer, croupier) – representative of the casino, opponent of the player in most games. It is the dealer’s responsibility to turn the roulette wheel, hand over cards, etc.
  • House Way (a way of the bank) – the offer to the player in an automatic mode to distribute its cards between the top and bottom hands by standard rules which are obliged to adhere to the casino (it is applied in Pai Gow Poker).
  • Rebet (repeat bet) – a button that allows the player to make a new bet in the automatic mode, equal to the previous one.
  • Player is a person who plays in an online casino.
  • Bet One (put one) – put one coin or increase the bet by one coin (used in Slot Machines – Slots, Video poker).
  • Slot – a slot machine; For modern versions of gaming machines, the term “video slots” (video slot) is often used.
  • Bet is the player’s bet, usually carried out by placing game chips on a specially designated place on the gaming table.
  • Martingale – rate management system
  • New game – a button to start a new game (in some online casinos).
  • Stand – leave current cards (used in BlackJack).
  • Spin (rotate) is a button that starts the game (used for Roulette or in Slots).

These casino terms are very widely used, so make sure you know them before stepping into the fascinating downloads casino, live casinos and gambling world.

Baccarat Betting Systems: Learn Online Baccarat

Being the simplest card game in a casino, baccarat does not provide for any complicated strategies. Since the player has only 3 bet options, the game in baccarat reminds guessing the outcome of the coin toss (eagle or tails).


Features of baccarat

The goal of the player in baccarat is to guess which party of the party will receive the most “expensive” hand. Each card in this game is given a certain value:

  • A – 1 point
  • Cards of denomination from 2 to 9 – the number of points at face value
  • 10, J, Q, K – 0 points

The task of the player – before the start of the game to bet on the victory of the dealer, the player’s victory or no-man’s outcome.

Payouts at the rates are as follows:

  • The bet on winning the player is 1 to 1
  • The rate for the dealer’s victory is 19 to 20 (in the case of such a bet, a commission of 5% of its amount is withheld)
  • The bet on a draw is 8 to 1

The classic version of the game uses 8 card decks, but in modern online casinos, baccarat versions with one single deck are very popular. For such a variation of the game, the mathematical probability of one of the three outcomes (dealer / player win or draw) is as follows:

Variant of rate-Probability in percentage:

  • Dealer Rate – 45,9624
  • Bet on the player – 44.676
  • The bet on a draw – 9,3616

Strategy of the game and baccarat betting systems


In accordance with the above table of mathematical probabilities, the most logical strategy of baccarat looks like a bet on a dealer – the probability of such an outcome in each game is a little more. The advantage of the casino at the rate for the dealer’s victory is only 1.01%, while at the rate for winning the player – 1.29% and at a bet on a draw – 15.75%.

However, in practice, such a strategy is not always justified, since some casinos charge players who bet on a more profitable outcome (dealer victory) a commission of 5% of the bet amount. Accordingly, the only mathematically grounded game strategy that will provide the user with a profit in the long-term gaming session is a bet on the player’s victory.

This tactic can be combined with any universal strategies designed for betting on equal chances (for example, in roulette). Sufficiently effective for playing baccarat is the well-known Martingale system, which involves doubling the bet amount in case of each loss according to the sequence 1-2-4-8-16-32 ….

5 best Blackjack tips for new players online

Playing Blackjack on the Internet can bring a lot of fun. In this case, it can become fatal for the purse and mood. To avoid insulting losses and leave only positive emotions from the game, you must follow the simple instructions set out below.

Learn the rules


No matter how stupid it sounds, for a successful and relaxed game you need to be well aware of all the opportunities provided by the casino. To consolidate skills, the Internet has a wonderful option called play money game, in the Russian translation – a game of “candy wrappers”. In addition to the fact that such training is absolutely free, there are no more differences from the game for real money. It is exactly what is necessary for a beginner player, and it will not be superfluous for a professional to get into the nuances of rules and get used to the arrangement of buttons.

Decide on the budget for the game


One of the most important components of any gambling vacation is money, if you do not calculate them in advance, you can drive yourself into a very unpleasant situation. Before you play, decide on the amount that you are willing to spend. The game should not in any way affect your ordinary life, paying bills, buying food, spending on a family. Unfortunately, too many retreated from this rule and found themselves in a situation where they had to pay for a long time the results of the momentary pleasure. Also, it is not superfluous to imagine where you can spend the win, from a psychological point of view, extra motivation will not hurt.

Determine the amount of bets


Despite the fact that you always want to try an expensive game, feel like a rich burner of life, it’s better to choose the table that will allow you to play the maximum amount of time. There is no such thing as blackjack calculator so you need to determine the amounts of best yourself. There’s no point in playing all your money in one hand. When choosing bets, try to calculate in such a way that at a time you play no more than five percent of your budget.

Use strategy


Before you start playing blackjack for real money, live dealer blackjack, check out the basic blackjack tips strategy. It is quite simple, it is designed in the form of a table, and allows you to make the right decisions as accurately as possible. It is enough to print out the tablet and hang it next to the monitor, so it’s easy to watch while playing. Using the basic strategy will minimize the advantage of the casino and not lose too much.

Do not use the card account


Many professionals use the card account as a way to beat in the casino. In a live game, this can work, although it is condemned by the casino administration and can even serve as a reason for removing the player from the threshold of the institution. On the Internet, these techniques do not work, so you should forget about them and focus on what really can help you win.

Successful game in Blackjack. Conclusions


In order to successfully play Blackjack online you need experience, blackjack tips and knowledge and good luck. It is impossible to get or earn money, it remains to hope for her favor. But experience can and should be obtained by playing. No other way can give you the proper confidence and professionalism. The way of obtaining knowledge is outlined in this article. Using these five points, you can successfully and long play Blackjack on the Internet. Good luck to all the tables.

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